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Stephanie A. James
3 min readMay 16, 2022

Nor Is Making Youtube Videos On Trends

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Trending topics can attract a wide range of people. You potentially could gain a lot of readers to your blog post or a larger audience for your Youtube channel.

By default, you write about what is trending. You automatically think that your post will do well. You may think that it will gain 500,000 views within two days. You know you write the post in hopes for it to become viral. You may get disappointed if that trending topic does not do well.

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One day, I was reading a blog post about AmandaRachLee and she talked about mistakes she made with her Youtube channel. One of her pieces of advice was don’t follow trends and she recommended having a niche.

I remember years ago I created a Youtube video on my channel that focused on natural hair. I posted a video reviewing a popular Youtubers eyeshadow from her new brand. The topic was trending. So I created a video. Once the video was uploaded, it did get views but not nearly as many views I expected. Although I did get new subscribers , not many people from my regular audience did not tuned in. My audience normally likes natural hair content like hairstyle ideas, product reviews and tips on growing tightly coiled or coily hair.

Also, I have written about different trending topics and I received the same results as posting a video on a trending topic. Now I know people write about trending topics and do very well. Others may not due to the competition. People are chasing that trending topic to have a viral post, which may translate to monetary gain.

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In conclusion, creating content on trending topics has its advantages and disadvantages. Typically, views on trending topics fade in a short period of time. While niche evergreen content reigns and gains views in perpeuity.

So have writing about trending topics worked for you ?

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