How Earning This Amount Gave Me The Courage To Keep Striving Online

Stephanie A. James
2 min readJan 24, 2024
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In 2024 and beyond, I plan to continue to make moves to earn online. My journey to earning online started years ago.

I remember way back when I discovered that I could earn online. I started writing for sites like Demand Studios and ehow. Then eventually I wrote for sites like Suite101. Though the site is no longer around, I still remember its impact in my life. I remember liking to write and submitting my articles. The site paid you based on ad revenue.

One of my first payments through Suite101 was $33.61. I also wrote for ehow, which back when I wrote for the site in 2009 there was the writer’s compensation program. I remember the first time I made over $100 there. I believe the payment was $102.

The most I had made back in around the 2009 and 2010 era was $366 and that was from a site called Squidoo.

I also have created books through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

My plan for this year is to continue to create for my website. I also plan to create more for Amazon KDP. Check out my post below on my KDP journey.

For this year, I also want to create products that will be a part of a business.

You can create an online revenue plan too.

Tell me what your plans are?



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